CS 70 at UC Berkeley

Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory

Lecture: M/Tu/W/Th 2-3:30 PM, VLSB 2050

Instructor James Hulett

jhulett (at) berkeley (dot) edu

Office Hours: Wednesday 11-1

Instructor Elizabeth Yang

elizabeth_yang (at) berkeley (dot) edu

Office Hours: Monday 4-6

Week 0 Overview

Before CS70

Week 8 Overview

Final Review, Stable Marriage, Final


The discussion sections will not cover new material, but rather will give you additional practice solving problems. You can attend any discussion section you like. However, if there are fewer desks than students, then students will be admitted to the section on a first-come first-served basis and others will have to attend an alternative section. See Policies for more information.



Homeworks are graded based on reasonable effort and not accuracy and it is highly recommended that you do them. What this means is that we will give you feedback and a numerical score so you know how you are doing in the class, but this score is not your grade. Instead, as long as you get some credit on a part, it will be counted as if you got full credit. Homework 0 is required for everyone but it will not count towards your grade. Your lowest homework score will be dropped, but this drop should be reserved for emergencies . No additional allowances will be made for late or missed homeworks: please do not contact us about missed homeworks or late submissions. See Policies for more information.


Lecture Schedule